Some of the smallest gestures make the biggest difference when you are grieving. . .

guilty puppyListen to the clip from Yahoo TV where Liam Neeson tells Watch What Happens Live! host, Andy Cohen what Liam what was edited from the 60 minutes piece.   I’m not particularly surprised frankly about any editing that 60 Minutes does.   I’m sure that they felt that the omission was not a big deal and if so than possibly they are not as familiar with grieving personally or perhaps they just had too many other things to fit into a short time limit.

In any case I thought it interesting and I have found that not only in my own life have I seen this type of thing hurt but I have had seen countless other people hurt by the same scenario.  If you know someone who has lost a loved one . . . do the right thing:be thoughtful, send a card, bake a lasagna, do something to acknowledge their loss.




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