Today, Tomorrow, but not Yesterday

My husband is a handsome guru of sorts, but I can never tell him that because then when we argue he’ll remind me and I’ll have to give up the battle.  Being married for awhile now and will be until I die,  I really don’t want to be on the lower level of power when it comes to a couple’s argument.  I can’t lay out all the cards on the table if you know what I mean 🙂 I struggle with a lot of things but one of my biggest demons is my past.  I still grieve for my Mother and Father, even though they have now been gone for years.     One of the principal reasons I do, I believe and my husband pointed out. . . I still can’t let go of the past.     I have these messes in my past from my childhood when poor mentality and unhealthy habits haunt me. I almost stay paralyzed in my grief.  It is hard to let go of passed loved ones, but even harder to let go of the “holes.” my husband said to me the other night . . L. Why do you always think so much about your past, especially the bad parts.  Let it go. . . focus on right now, today and even think about a bright tomorrow, but don’t stay in a unhealthy rut by thinking of yesterday. He’s right.  (Don’t tell him)  I had a hornet’s nest of regret, grief, despair, dysfunction, swarming around my heart smothering out the good stuff of today and the great stuff to come tomorrow.  My mom and Dad wouldn’t want that.  God doesn’t want that.  There is only one entity who wants you to stay down, and sad, and overly mournful and he doesn’t deserve any part of your day or future. If you are still grieving I certainly understand and pray for you.  If you are finding it hard to get over things from the past with that love one who has passed on think about what we talked about here today . . . Tomorrow, but not yesterday and move bravely on.


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